Squirrel symbolizes preparation for the future. Erratic, gathering, reserves, cycles of change, future and adaptability are also keywords associated with this power animal. If Squirrel is sending you a personal message then this could mean perhaps you need to start preparing for the future in some way. Having plenty of reserves set aside for a rainy day is the wisdom of Squirrel. This little creature understands the cycles of change and maybe warning you to plan ahead so you're not met with surprises in the future. Do you need to gather more supplies for these coming changes? Even if your extra reserves are not needed, it's always good to be prepared, like the boy scout of the animal kingdom - Squirrel! This message could not only be that of the physical but on any level. Make sure your mental  emotional and spiritual reserves are well stocked as well! Don't let the erratic energies of life get you running in circles, slow down some. Only gather positive thoughts and emotions because when change comes and stress is high, you'll be needing that positive energy in reserve. Although it's always a good thing to be in the now, Squirrel is asking you to look ahead and plan for the future, be ready, be prepared; be adaptable and gather what you need now, while you can. These are the messages Squirrel symbolizes. Preparation!