I think it's safe to say that the main keyword for Skunk is Reputation. Skunk symbolizes having a certain amount of respect from other creatures. Skunk doesn't have to play games or put up any kind of fake fronts. Everybody already knows the consequences to disrespecting a Skunk. If Skunk is sending you a message then you are being asked to think about your reputation and how others are perceiving you. Are you getting the respect you deserve or are you playing games with people and not showing your authentic self, building disrespect rather than the respect you deserve? Skunk is showing you that to gain respect from others you need to walk and talk your truths. By being yourself 100%, others will gain more respect for you and you'll be able to build a solid reputation in your community for exactly who you are and who you are not without having to prove anything or fight anyone for this respect and acknowledgement. Learn to be assertive without involving the ego. Show self-respect and respect for all other creatures and you will be known for being true and balanced. Skunk could also be showing you of a possible sexual energy leak. Are you sending out the signals that you are romantically available when you really are not? If this is the case, skunk may be warning you that this could lead into a serious problem and the answer is staying grounded within your personal integrity. Whatever the case you are being asked to look at your reputation in some area of your life. Thank you Skunk for reminding us about the importance of self respect!